I am not proud of any song I make with openMPT. so I deleted them.


To those who want to use my music

2016-10-30 09:19:54 by B1n4ryGD

My music is free to use. You don't need to contact me for permission. since my songs are not copyrighted. Just let me know if you used one of my songs in a Geometry Dash level.

I don't care if my songs get popular in a starred GD level that it becomes overused among the community. I also do not care if people use it for commercial purposes.


2016-10-08 20:33:12 by B1n4ryGD

I got scouted on NG! THX!

About me

2016-09-09 10:59:30 by B1n4ryGD

I am B1n4ry. And yes. I am friends with Skyience and FoxesRule :)

My music is free to use. Once I get scouted. you can use my music. No need to ask permission :)

And no. I am not one of those GD people who steal music for GD o_O My music is completely legit.

I use LMMS. but occasionally. I use OpenMPT. Soon. I may get FL studio...

And yes. I am one of those people who make calm. dreamy. and sad music.

I may make some art soon..