Entry #1

About me

2016-09-09 10:59:30 by B1n4ryGD

I am B1n4ry. And yes. I am friends with Skyience and FoxesRule :)

My music is free to use. Once I get scouted. you can use my music. No need to ask permission :)

And no. I am not one of those GD people who steal music for GD o_O My music is completely legit.

I use LMMS. but occasionally. I use OpenMPT. Soon. I may get FL studio...

And yes. I am one of those people who make calm. dreamy. and sad music.

I may make some art soon..


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2016-09-11 20:50:46

I made House music too. I am also B1n4ry's friend too. We just met on YouTube since last year.

B1n4ryGD responds:

I use LMMS/OpenMPT. You use MMJ.


2016-09-17 00:50:16

:) but why u not use flstudio??? I made music too. But in dubstep and ambient style.

B1n4ryGD responds:

It's hard to get full version. and FL studio demo won't let me open saved music flps. so sorry.